Integrity is the essence of sports. The integrity of sports comes under attack by doping by giving athletes to move away from the level playing field. We often advise our clients, pro bono, on complying with the WADA Code and have represented athletes before both, the national anti-doping disciplinary and the appeal panel.

Broadcasting Deals

We advise clients on formulating strategies and help them in negotiating deals with prospective broadcasters to generate maximum viewership. We have also worked with some of the leading broadcasters to set up their intellectual properties and building content.

Commercial Engagements & Media Management

Formulating marketing strategies, advising on commercial engagements when hiring agencies and consultants and planning promotional events are some of the many management advisory services offered by us.

Competition Laws

Due to globalization, India has opened up its economy to the world and liberalized. We provide regulatory review and advice to clients to prevent them from entering into anti-competitive practices.

Dispute Resolution

Having represented India’s top athletes, like Sushil Kumar, and some of the leading corporates in the business before various high courts and arbitration tribunals, we work with our clients to device litigation strategies and engage with some of the leading counsels in cities across India.

Gaming and Betting Laws

With the changing nature of the betting and gaming industry due to technological advancements, we actively play a part in guiding clients through this rapidly evolving landscape. The betting and gaming industry is moving from a focus on betting shops and casinos to internet gaming, fantasy sports and instant access to markets on almost any sporting event in the world. We keep ourselves up to date on the advancements in the industry and work with tech companies and start-ups, advising them on setting up and operation of fantasy sports gaming applications.


We advise our clients on the management of numerous intellectual property rights including brand & image rights, personality rights along with assisting them in filing applications for trademark, copyright, patent registrations and defend against breaches or infringements of such rights.

Investment & Finance

With several clubs and corporate giants, abroad, looking at India as a booming market and wanting to invest in the same, we work with our clients to prepare investment proposals and advise them on mergers and acquisitions.

League Formulation

We have the experience of setting up and conducting numerous leagues in India and overseas, across various sports. We actively involve ourselves in day-to-day affairs of managing leagues in a cost efficient and effective manner. Having set up over nine leagues at various levels (international, national and state), we have an expertise in liaising with sports federations, authorities, sponsors and other partners. We assist in conceptualizing the governance structure, formulating the rules and regulations, risk management, drafting all relevant agreements like grant of rights from the sports federations, franchise agreements, sponsorship, media and broadcasting agreements, ticketing and venue agreements, players and coaches service agreements, IP registrations and provide on ground support along with defending against all forms of litigation, if any.

Player Contracts

We regularly act for football teams supporting them in all aspects of player transfer and contract negotiations. This includes advice on key documentation such as transfer agreements, loan agreements and player agreements by adding value beyond just execution by providing thought leadership and insight drawn from our experience.

Policy Advisory

We advise and assist several stakeholders in drafting and formulating various bills, government policies, league rules & regulations, corporate policies to provide a sound sports governance structure in India.

Sponsorship & Endorsement

We often connect our clients to various corporate stakeholders and industry experts for the purpose of generating revenue and also advise them on innovative ways of further commercialising their business, apart from structuring and drafting of sponsorship, endorsement and merchandising deals.