Our Practice

Founded in May 2017, AM Sports Law and Management Co. is a fully dedicated sports law and management practice. The firm engages itself in legal services at all stages, ranging from strategy development and contract negotiations to league management and representation of athletes/teams before the various authorities/ fora.

The team consists of highly skilled lawyers from some of the top law schools, both, in India and abroad. They have a unique approach with a deep and pervasive understanding of issues related to the sports industry, given their significant contribution in setting up various national and international leagues from their inception and assisted other stakeholders venturing into the business of sport.

Further, AMSL provides the services of experienced lawyers in a manner which is cost-efficient, giving due consideration to the fact that most businesses in the sports industry are start-ups. They have the experience of working with federations, tournament owners (some of whom are corporate giants), athletes, team owners, sports-tech companies, data companies, etc., giving them a 360-degree understanding of the industry. The firm also engages in structuring sports law and management courses across the country.

Their areas of practice include Sports and Gaming related laws, Anti-Doping laws, Media and Entertainment laws and Intellectual Property laws.

We have been instrumental in advising a broad base of clients, for numerous events and issues, a few of which are listed below:

  • Working on setting up an X1 Racing League in India, the Canadian Global T20 League, Euro T20 Slam League and several other sports’ intellectual properties, all of which are scheduled to be held in 2019.
  • Retained by franchisees in the Indian Super League to advise and provide legal support for issues pertaining to transfer of players, sponsorship agreements, player and coach agreements, negotiations and dispute resolution, etc.
  • Retained by a sports management company to provide legal support and advice on the conduct and management of Ultimate Table Tennis and other table tennis IP’s in India.
  • Retained by not for profit organizations involved in grassroots development of sports.
  • Retained by an organization, which conducts Olympic Style events at the school & collegiate level to provide legal assistance and handling the conceptualization and management of all such events conducted by them.
  • Working closely with the Afghanistan Cricket Board and the investment partner in setting up and day-to-day management of the Afghanistan T20 Premier League.
  • Worked closely with Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited to set up the Maharashtra Kusti Dangal held in Pune in November, 2018.
  • Working with a start-up sports company to set up and manage the Pickleball Super League, a first of its kind in India and several other sports’ intellectual properties, created by them.
  • Regularly advise on legality and functioning of a fantasy sports’ mobile applications, e-sports (games of skill) and betting and lotteries in India (games of chance).
  • Regularly work with leading fitness instructors and trainers to advice on services pertaining to supplements that may contain prohibited substances according the WADA prohibited list.
  • Worked with Cornerstone Sport and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. for drafting contracts on behalf of the Virat Kohli Foundation.
  • Worked on the first ever T-20 Ice Cricket Tournament, organized in St. Moritz in February, 2018.
  • Worked on setting up the Indian Badminton League (2013), the Indian Super League (2014), the Premier Badminton League (2015), Cue Slam (2017), Champions Polo League (not launched), etc.
  • Regularly teach sports law as a guest lecturer / visiting faculty in reputed institutions across India.