Subhayu Roy is the co-Founder of education startup, Notebook. Prior to this, he used to head Content Distribution for Perform Group in South Asia. With Perform, he had been working with publishers, broadcasters, brands, agencies and federations to evangelise greater use of Sports Content. Before working for Perform, Subhayu spent about 4 years in Africa, building sustainable business models for Sports Media businesses in emerging economies. In his current role, Subhayu heads Product Marketing, Technology and Communication verticals at Notebook.

A sports fan, Subhayu swears by FC Barcelona and idolises Ayrton Senna. When he is not working on innovative Marketing concepts, Subhayu is typically riding his motorcycle across the length and breadth of the country.

Utkarsh has over 18+ years across Sports and Entertainment Media, Digital Marketing, Sports Leagues advisory in India and internationally. He has been Tournament Director, Operations Director and Marketing Director across 5 Top Sports including Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, Wrestling, Badminton and Athletics.

Utkarsh has advised Brands, Federations and Sponsors on their Sports startegies to maximize ROI around specific objectives.