Artist / Ancillary Agreements

We understand how to represent, protect and extract the most value from image and brand rights for artists and media companies. Our services include advising on negotiations encompassing acquisition, protection, distribution and exploitation of rights along with expertise in drafting talent, performers, creative rights and content related agreements.

Broadcasting Deals

We advise clients on formulating strategies and help them in negotiating deals with prospective broadcasters to generate maximum viewership. We have also worked with some of the leading broadcasters to set up their intellectual properties and building content.

Commercial & Media Management

Formulating marketing strategies, advising on commercial engagements when hiring agencies and consultants and planning promotional events are some of the many management advisory services offered by us.

Dispute Resolution

Having represented India’s top athletes, like Sushil Kumar, and some of the leading corporates in the business before various high courts and arbitration tribunals, we work with our clients to device litigation strategies and engage with some of the leading counsels in cities across India.

Intellectual Property

We advise our clients on the management of numerous intellectual property rights including brand & image rights, personality rights along with assisting them in filing applications for trademark, copyright, patent registrations and defend against breaches or infringements of such rights.

Risk Management

We regularly advise our clients on identification, assessment and mitigation of diverse legal and business risks associated with creation of brands, intellectual properties and business activities. We focus on developing and implementing comprehensive risk management strategies to protect our clients from possible contingencies, unforeseeable events and exigencies. Our services range from procuring necessary insurances, licenses, permissions and other indemnifications to suit the business’ best needs.